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Psychrometer - an overview

A psychrometer fitted with a fan is called an aspirated psychrometer or Assmann hygrometer. Another variant is the sling or whirling hygrometer. In this case the wet- and dry-bulb thermometers are attached to a frame with a handle.

Top 10 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 2020

Top 10 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 2020 Electronics When measuring temperature, there are a number of best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer models available, ranging from the basic glass design , to the more advanced, electronic versions.


Various authors have credited the invention of the thermometer to Hero of Alexandria.The thermometer was not a single invention, however, but a development.Hero of Alexandria (10–70 AD) knew of the principle that certain substances, notably air, expand and contract and described a demonstration in which a closed tube partially filled with air had its …

What Does a Hygrometer Measure?

A hygrometer measures the humidity, or moisture content, of the air in terms of the relative humidity. This reading helps determine the comfort level of a given air temperature. The air feels more comfortable in both cold weather and hot weather when the humidity is low. Humidity affects plant and animal life, and ...

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2016/10/03 · This thermo-hygrometer is also known as Climate Meter as they are capable of measuring two important factors of climate, namely, temperature and humidity. Vacker UAE collaborates with Trotec, Germany to bring the best kinds


fan and a thermo-hygrometer to regulate and monitor indoor environmental conditions. The temperature was maintained at 50°C for 24 hours with relative humidity (RH) of about 10% and wind speed at 10km/h. The W:C ratio of the control concrete was 0.51 and the same ratio of the coal waste concrete was 0.51.

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Mondi Products is bringing propagation to a whole new level with the Mini Greenhouse Thermo-Hygrometer. Its revolutionary technology gives you the precise, real-time information that is essential during propagation, meaning it’s never been easier and more enjoyable to propagate a wide variety of plants. Besides its many uses in the horticultural industry, the Mondi Mini Greenhouse Thermo ...

Protimeter HygroMaster 2

Protimeter Hygromaster 2 hand held Thermo-Hygrometer The Protimeter Hygromaster 2 is the latest in hand held hygrometry technology. Features outstanding performance with a simple and easy to use interface with multiple

5 Best Moisture Meters Reviews of 2019 in the UK

This model is a very accurate device that detects moisture in wood and many other building materials such as plaster, concrete, drywall, etc. With its comprehensive LED display and quite a wide range of readings, this meter is a must-have for a builder.

Storing, Flooring, and Other Key Stages to Measure Wood Moisture

Ideally, flooring left in its manufacturer’s packing and in a controlled environment will experience little change. Periodic checks of the wood flooring with an accurate moisture meter and a thermo-hygrometer for measuring ambient RH and temperature conditions of the environment is the best insurance against potential problems. Installing

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

With the help of thermo-hygrometer devices, these conditions can easily be displayed and moreover controlled. If the air humidity is too high, you can for example open a window. If it is too low, an air humidifier can be used. Thermo-Hygrometers can be used to

Where To Put Your Thermometer In Your Grow Space

2018/06/09 · Learn Where To Put Your Thermometer In Your Grow Tent When Growing Cannabis Indoors. Indica Institute Breaks Down Why Your Thermometer May Not Be Giving Accurate Readings Based On It'S Location Inside

What's the Best Grow Room Temperature and Humidity Level

May 28, 2018 · The Flowering Stage: Best Grow Room Temperature. The best grow room temperature during the flowering stage of growth is 68-75 degrees during the day and no more than 10-15 degrees cooler at night.

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sample. The mean of all values represents the standard. Then all sub-samples are bulked and kept in a sealed recipient to avoid uptake of water. Different standards, covering the range of the equipment must be prepared. Usually, in the case of hygrometers, manufacturers provide standards.

Best Grow Room Temperature For Marijuana Plants (According To

I always use a digital thermo/hygrometer (something like this one) with built-in memory so I can see what the maximum and minimum temperature was. It’s also a good idea to get one with a temperature sensor on a wire, so you can hang the display outside your grow room, and can see the temperature when the lights are off.

What Are Safe Moisture Levels in Concrete?

The thermo-hygrometer’s reading of the humidity in the concrete slab will tell you how much excess moisture is present deep in the slab that might evaporate up through the surface. This can tell you if the concrete is likely to damage the materials above it or suffer other problems.

What is a hygrometer and how to measure relative humidity

Mar 09, 2017 · If you are wondering how to remedy these types of problems, you may need to invest in a humidifier in conjunction with using a hygrometer to read the comfort level of your home and then adjust the humidifier based on the readings the hygrometer is displaying. Hygrometers also make great additions to monitor the humidity for indoor plant care.

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Thermometer | Definition of Thermometer by Merriam-Webster

Thermometer definition is - an instrument for determining temperature; especially : one consisting of a glass bulb attached to a fine tube of glass with a numbered scale and containing a liquid (such as mercury or colored alcohol) that is sealed in and rises and falls with changes of temperature.

Growing marijuana in grow tents

A thermo-hygrometer is necessary to control these parameters in our growing space. Plants must be watered according to their needs. Watering and fertilising marijuana. Marijuana seedlings need an abundant watering once they have been transplanted (½ litre per plant). A few days later, 150 ml of water per plant and day will be enough

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How to Use a Digital Thermometer

Body temperature is a great indicator of health. Knowing how to use a digital thermometer properly will ensure you are able to take your temperature and see if something is wrong. Generally speaking, humans should have a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find that your temperature is off by more than a degree or two, you may need ...


A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure the amount of humidity and water vapour in the atmosphere, in soil, or in confined spaces. Humidity measurement instruments usually rely on measurements of some other quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass, a mechanical or electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed.

Relative Humidity (RH) Moisture Meters for Concrete

Set concrete cannot be easily penetrated by a pin meter, and it wouldn't allow for measuring in the core of the slab anyway. Therefore it’s often best to measure concrete with an thermo-hygrometer (RH meter). These devices.


The intensity of the returned lidar signal can be used to detect features buried under flat vegetated surfaces such as fields, especially when mapping using the infrared spectrum. The presence of these features affects plant growth and thus the amount of infrared light reflected back.

Thermometers & hygrometers

Description. We spend most of the day in rooms. Be it at home, at work and even many leisure activities take place in buildings. To make us feel comfortable, a variety of factors play a role.

Infrared Thermometers for Monitoring Plant and Substrate

What does this all mean? Plant temperature affects how fast or slow a crop will be ready for market. Proper heating and ventilation, providing root-zone heating during young plant production, and modulating light intensity by shading will assist with managing air and substrate temperatures, and thus, plant temperature.


• Avoid placing the thermo-hygrometer sensor near sources of heat such as chimneys and heating elements. • Avoid any areas collecting and radiating a heat from the sun, such as metal, brick or concrete structures, paving decks. ...

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In order to validate ENVI-met simulations, air temperature T air and relative humidity (Rh) measurements were carried out continuously in San Pio in the period 22 November–18 December 2018 using a Vaisala HMP45C thermo-hygrometer (Figure 4, right). The sensor was mounted on the banister of a balcony at the first floor of a building, 5 m above ...


thermo-hygrometer capable of measuring rela-tive humidity that ranges from 10 % to 98 %. Three specimens are placed in each container and for each level of relative humidity, we used two containers that later have been placed in an oven in which temperature was increased with a rate of 1 C/min up to 60 C.

Thermal Performance of Building Envelope in Very Hot Dry

Thermal Performance of Building Envelope in Very Hot ... Thermo-hygrometer was also ... minimum and mean temperature and the upper limit for

Hygrometers | Humidity Meter

Hygrometers are used to measure the amount of water vapor or humidity in the atmosphere, soil, or other spaces. Instruments that measure humidity typically also measure temperature, pressure, mass, or even a mechanical or electrical change in a substance that absorbs moisture because those factors can also affect humidity.

Thermo Hygrometer, Digital Psychrometer, Dew Point Meter

Thermo Hygrometer / Dew Point Meter Caltech Engineering Services offers ET-931 Digital Psychrometer / dew point meter. ETI-931 Dewpoint Meter is an easy way to use and check air temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature and dew point.

(PDF) Precast Alkali-Activated Concrete Towards Sustainable

Precast Alkali-Activated Concrete Towards Sustainable Construction. ... f ctm mean value of tensile strength obtained by splitting test. ... continuously controlled with a thermo-hygrometer ...

Thermo Hygrometers

Thermo Hygrometers. Thermo hygrometers are useful for measurements of humidity. Humidity is a representation of the concentration of water vapour in the air where the value is shown as a percent. Thermo hygrometers have sensors which measure humidity of the air and temperature of the air.

Gardco :: HT-4000 Thermo-Hygrometer

The HT-4000 is a versatile, stand-alone thermo-hygrometer for flooring installers and restoration contractors. The advanced RH/T sensor acclimates quickly to ambient temperature and humidity. For contractors who prefer having separate meters to one combination meter, the HT-4000 is the perfect solution.

What Are Acceptable Moisture Levels in Wood?

In all cases, determining the acceptable moisture level of wood requires the use of an extremely accurate moisture meter. Failure to allow the wood to acclimate or come into balance with the RH at its end-use location could result in any number of moisture-related problems after the wood product is constructed.